The Tea Party Patriots of Southern New Jersey (TPPSNJ)
covers, Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, Salem and parts of
Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties. TPPSNJ has
been established to provide a rallying point for the people of
South Jersey troubled with the direction that our
government has taken to increase control over our daily
lives under the guise of helping us.  Ironically we also realize
we are partly to blame; we allowed them to infiltrate our lives
and privacy and now threaten our freedom.  Apathy and
Ignorance on current events, both political and social are the
enemies.  Therefore we conclude it is  time to rise up again
like our forefathers; spread knowledge on issues and
expose deliberate deceptions and confusions that threaten
our unalienable rights as stipulated under the Constitution
which our forefathers intended for us to retain in perpetuity
We Remain: yours~ Under God, indivisible for liberty and
justice for all.

Even though we are approaching the holiday season,
our fight must continue. On Tuesday Nov. 19th our
patriots will be at the Atlantic County Freeholder meeting
at the Stillwater Building, 201 Shore Road Northfield, NJ
08225  at 4 PM to present a resolution to stop Common
Core. Come out and show your support!
Who are we?  We are you.